Malvasia del Salento

The young, aromatic and fresh flavour of the “12 e Mezzo Malvasia del Salento IGP Limited Edition” wine meets the Mediterranean cooking. The summer menu is served

Varvaglione Vigne & Vini is happy to continue giving suggestions through wine and food itineraries to enhance the taste of dishes, by matching them with the right wine at the proper serving temperature. In summer, it is natural to present the Malvasia del Salento, a local fresh and lively white wine of Salento.

The “12 e Mezzo Malvasia del Salento IGP Limited Edition” wine by Varvaglione’s Salentine winery is a certainly pleasant wine, also and above all in summer. It has an intense yellow colour with golden hints and it originates when the Apulian sun meets the White Malvasia del Salento grapes.

With “12 e Mezzo Malvasia del Salento IGP Limited Edition”, Varvaglione Vigne & Vini is suggesting a fresh and aromatic wine that perfectly matches with Italian dishes, especially the Mediterranean ones. Thanks to its lively and balanced palate, Malvasia del Salento is perfect to match with all fish and shellfish, as well as with white and delicate cheese.

On the nose, it is aromatic and fruity. Freshness and balance characterize its style. Its flavour is persistent and delicate. It is a wine that combines the light taste of grapes and good acidity, making this wine easy-to-drink.

We suggest a really colourful starter based on vegetables to match with 12 e Mezzo Malvasia del Salento Limited Edition”: “aubergine millefoglie”. The Malvasia del Salento wine also perfectly matches with first courses based on fish, such as “griddled tuna with rosemary and sesame seeds”, made with red tuna, sesame seeds, rosemary twigs, lemon, Apulian extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Malvasia wine is also delicious when matched with desserts such as toasted almonds, figs, chestnuts and dry pastry. A refined and summer dessert we suggest that you match it with is “melon semifreddo”. Its main ingredients are: eggs, cream and, of course, a lot of melon.

Enjoy your meal, by Varvaglione Vigne & Vini