Luca Maroni’s I Migliori Vini Italiani awards Varvaglione 1921

Marzia Varvaglione: A recognition of my father’s work

For the annual guide I migliori vini italiani 2021 by Luca Maroni Cosimo Varvaglione Private Collection Primitivo di Manduria Old Vines 2017 receives 1° Miglior Vino Rosso as best red wine.

Another important accolade for one of the Varvaglione family’s leading wines, part of the Private Collection that best expresses the identity of owner and winemaker Cosimo Varvaglione.

The two wines in the Private Collection, this Primitivo di Manduria and a Negroamaro, bear the signature of Cosimo Varvaglione, who together with the young enologist Nicola Baldari perform an exercise of love. These unique and exclusive vintages are the fruit of the right compromise between man and nature.

After careful pruning and selection, the grapes for both the Primitivo di Manduria and the Negroamaro are harvested by hand during the night. Special weather conditions allow for a high quality harvest and niche production. Part of the grapes are left to partially raisin. The wine ages for fourteen months in wooden casks. The special care taken makes these wines worthy of specific reference to the owner and winemaker Cosimo Varvaglione.

“The Private Collection is as if my father had opened his heart a bit to the world outside,” explains Marzia Varvaglione. “It is as if he had opened a window onto his way of conceptualizing winemaking. The Primitivo and the Negroamaro in this extraordinary collection are his personal homage to the teachings he received from those who came before him, and that he is passing down to us children. It is a style of production, but even more a lifestyle that represents our company and our family to the world.”