Malvasia Bianca

malvasia bianca

This aromatic white grape variety of Greek origin grows throughout Italy and belongs to a large family of grape varieties. In the South of Italy, it produces well-known and excellent wines with fruity and floral aromas. Often used to produce dessert wines, when made as a dry wine, its aromatic quality makes it a pleasant accompaniment to appetizers.

The Long Malvasia Bianca variety has the following features:

  • Leaves: medium or big-sized, pentagonal, five-lobe shaped
  • Cluster: big, pyramidal, long, two-winged, close-knit.
  • Grape: small or medium-sized, round  
  • Skin: with a plenty of bloom, golden-straw-green-yellow-coloured

Production features: the vine variety Long Malvasia Bianca has great vigour and medium-late ripening.

Wine features: the vine variety Long Malvasia Bianca produces a straw-yellow wine, full-bodied, good in acidity and slightly aromatic.