Puglia in a bottle


Varvaglione 1921 aims for excellence, taking the best of the land and transforming it into quality wines. The diversity of native grape varieties is the starting point; knowing how to make the right choice at the right moment is the merit of the experienced winemaker.

Varvaglione 1921’s philosophy pivots on the combination of tradition and technology.

In the Salento region of Puglia, Cosimo and Maria Teresa Varvaglione along with their three children have given new life to a winery with four generations of experience and tradition, and the support of dynamic, motivated collaborators.

The company takes special care starting in the vineyard, performing a scrupulous selection of the grapes, making prudent choices during the harvest, with meticulous control over the winemaking process and constant research in order to perfect techniques in the wine cellar.

A fundamental role is played by the winemaker, who at Varvaglione 1921 is the owner and main reference point, Cosimo Varvaglione. Surrounded by his most trusted collaborators – his children and wife, Maria Teresa – Cosimo communicates his vision of the world and of wine through family and respect for the land.

To bottle the enchanting culture of a unique terroir: this is the ambitious project of Varvaglione 1921.