negroamaroOne of the most famous native grape varieties in Puglia, Negroamaro grows mainly in the area of the Salento. The name Negroamaro derives from the black color of this dark red grape, even if it is also used to produce rosé wines. In addition to the varietal 100% Negroamaro, it is often found in blends and is the basis of the famous Pugliese wine Salice Salentino.

The Negroamaro variety has the following features:

  • Leaves: big-sized, pentagonal, three-lobe or five-lobe shaped
  • Cluster: medium-sized, truncated cone-shaped, short and compact, rarely one-winged
  • Grape: medium or big-sized, obovoid  
  • Skin: with a plenty of bloom, thick and compact, black-violet-coloured

Production features: the Negroamaro variety gives a copious and constant production. It is best grown on clay and calcareous loams, but it is also able to adapt to other types of soil, as well as to hot and dry climates.

Cultivation and farming: the Negroamaro variety is mainly grown as sapling-based and under awnings, with long or short pruning

Wine features: the Negroamaro variety produces a crimson pomegranate-red-coloured wine. Its smell is winy and fruity, with a touch of small black-berry-based fruits and scents of tobacco. Its taste is full-bodied and round.