vino chardonnayOne of the most important international varieties, Chardonnay originates in France but is one of the most widely grown grapes in the world. It is the principal component of wines such as Chablis and white Burgundy, and is used in many sparkling wines. Given its great adaptability, it produces very different results in different terroirs. This white grape variety has characteristics that range from marked acidity and minerality to fruity and buttery notes.

Ampelographic features:

 medium-sized and orbicular leaves
 medium-sized and pyramidal cluster, little winged and close-knit
 medium-sized grape with a medium texture, tender and gold-yellow-coloured skin.

Although it has a good ability to adapt, it is best grown in a aired, shadowy, clay and calcareous soil.

It is sensitive to golden flavescence, and less to botrytis and oidium.

  • Ripening: medium-premature
  • Vigour: high
  • Wine Features: the result is an elegant, fresh and alcoholic wine that can be perfectly vinified in barrique. Its flavour is fine and it can be best appreciated as still wine, but in particular as sparkling wine and champagne.