verdecaAn indigenous variety, Verdeca is a white grape that gets its name from the typical green color of the fruit. Even in the glass, green reflections may be perceived. It grows principally in the provinces of Taranto and Bari and is the main variety used in the famous Puglia white wine Locorotondo DOC. Like many other local varieties, it traces its origins to the ancient Magna Graecia. 

The Verdeca variety has the following features:

  • Leaves: medium or big-sized, complete, three-lobe or five-lobe shaped
  • Cluster: medium-sized, conical, one or two-winged
  • Grape: medium-sized, spheroidal          
  • Skin: medium-texture, with a plenty of bloom, tender, greenish-yellow-coloured

Production features: the Verdeca variety has good vigour and a medium-premature ripening time.

Wine features: the Verdeca variety produces a straw yellow-coloured wine, prone to lime green. It smells gentle and pleasant, fruity, with a touch of pineapple and nice nuances of citrus fruits, reminding of bergamot. It tastes dry, fresh, well-bodied, and with a good persistence.