fiano del salentoThis grape variety is well-known for the wine from Campania that it produces: Fiano di Avellino DOCG. One of the most famous white grape varieties in Southern Italy, it also grows in Sicily and Puglia, where it was Charles of Anjou to order that it be planted. Fiano produces wine with good minerality that also ages well thanks to its structure and complexity.

The Fiano variety has the following features:

  • Grape colour: White.
  • Leaves: orbicular, medium-sized, three-lobe or five-lobe shaped.
  • Cluster: small or medium, close-knit, pyramidal with a fairly grown wing.
  • Grape: medium-sixed, ellipsoidal
  • Skin: tough, golden-yellow, low in bloom.

Production features: the Fiano variety has good vigour but a poor productivity – for this reason it has scarcely spread in the last years.

Cultivation and farming: the Fiano variety is best farmed on volcanic soils but it also yields on clay and heavy soils

Wine features: the wine originating from the Fiano single-variety is usually straw yellow, with more or less intense nuances. It has the typical aromas of toasted nuts, pear and spices. Its taste is persistent and, often, full-bodied.