Christmas wines 2022

It’s a Musical 12eMezzo Christmas

On the labels of the famous Varvaglione 1921 wines, a QR code to access a playlist with Christmas songs from around the world

Marzia Varvaglione: “It’s our way of sending a hug to everyone who chooses our wine, in every corner of the globe”

Jingle Bells, White Christmas and Silent Night, along with many other famous songs, all on… a bottle. Christmas 2022 at Varvaglione 1921 is a multi-sensorial experience as only wine and music can communicate. To bring them together, it is once again a unique label: on the 12eMezzo collection  (Negramaro, Primitivo and Malvasia Bianca), there is a QR code that brings you to a playlist on Spotify created specifically by the Puglia-based winery where you can find all the best loved Christmas songs.

The launch of the Christmas Edition is planned for Tuesday, November 22, the day in which traditionally the Christmas season begins in Taranto, as it is the feast day of Saint Cecilia. This is a choice that underscores the tight link between Varvaglione 1921 and the territory where it has its roots.

After purchasing the 12eMezzo special edition bottle, just scan the glam label with a smart phone, and you will be transported into a Christmas wonderland with songs both old and more modern from around the world, offering a taste of how Christmas is experienced in various countries.

“We wanted to find a way to send a hug to all those markets where our wines are enjoyed,” explains Marzia Varvaglione, Head of Marketing and Foreign Markets for the company.  “The idea came to us thinking about Chrismas as a holiday that connects and brings people together even when they are profoundly different. With this label, we wanted not only to enrich the taste-smell experience of sipping a wine with the sound of music, but also to celebrate the growth of our company across various latitudes and longitudes with a tribute to each country.” And so Christmas is a time to created new joyous memories with friends and family, sampling the wines of Varvaglione 1921 on tables across the globe with a taste of Puglia and of Taranto. And to remember the local traditions, in the special Christmas playlist there is also the Pastorale Tarantina.

“We truly believe in the slogan Think global, act local,” says Marzia Varvaglione. “To increase our visibility in Asia or America means communicating and developing our local Ionian territory, a marvelous corner of the world where we have been creating, planning and innovating for over 100 years. We wanted to honor Taranto by inserting the Pastorale in the playlist, and we’re sure its rhythms are going to enter the hearts of people thousands of miles from here.”