La vendemmia: una storia infinita…

The 2022 Harvest is a story to touch, hear, see, smell and taste… because at Varvaglione 1921, the harvest involves all five senses.

The main characters in our tale are the earth, the grape clusters, the wine and the five members of the family. Through pictures, colors, smells and sensations, the story is told, the transformation of the grapes into wine is experienced through touch, smell, sight, sound and finally taste, following a tradition that is a hundred years old.At Varvaglione 1921, the harvest is marked by time.
There is a time to sow and a time to reap, a time to ripen and then to bottle, and finally a time to taste.
Five are the members of the family, just like the five senses.

So according to inclination and passion, each one of them is involved in a different phase of the harvest and will tell us about that moment. Because the harvest is a sequence of moments that is now transformed into a beautiful memory to be shared.

In every bottle there are the tastes and smells, the laughter and memories of a year in Puglia; in every drop there is a story to tell. And what do you feel?Follow our social networks to explore the five senses of the 2022 harvest!


Shooting: Silvio Bursomanno