Vini Rosati

2015 ROSÉXPO: the International Rosé Wine Exhibition

The Salentine winery Varvaglione Vigne & Vini is glad to announce its participation at “Salone Internazionale dei Vini Rosati, ROSÉXPO 2015” – the 2015 ROSÉXPO, International Rosé Wine Exhibition – organized by “deGusto Salento”, the association of Negroamaro producers with the support of the Apulian region.

Varvaglione Vigne & Vini will be at the 2015 ROSÉXPO 2015, Salone Internazionale dei Vini Rosati from 5th to 7th June 2015, with its pleasant and elegant rosé wine 12 e Mezzo  from Negroamaro Salento IGP grapes, that shows up with liveliness on the palate. The International Rosé Wines Exhibition is taking place in the enchanting location of Castello Carlo V in Lecce and it will represent the confluence of the rosé wines coming from the Salentine, Italian and worldwide markets.

This exhibition aims at promoting the areas dedicated to the rosé wine production. Furthermore, this second edition – compared to the first edition – is going to host the workshop “La Rosé Revolution: dal Bardolino Chiaretto al Negroamaro del Salento attraversando tutta l’Italia” – the Rosé Revolution: from Bardolino Chiaretto to Negroamaro del Salento passing through all Italy – where producers from different Italian areas will meet and discuss about the new prospects of rosé wine. Special guests will include Federica Sgrazzutti (wine & food media consultant) and Francesco Muci (manager of the SLOW WINE Puglia guide), whereas Amedeo Maizza – headmaster of the Economics Faculty of Salento University – is going to incite visitors to meditate on this theme through interesting topics.

You can read about the 2015 ROSÉXPO programme scheduled on 5th-7th June 2015 on the official site

Varvaglione Vigne & Vini looks forward to meeting all of you at the International Rosé WineExhibition at Castello Carlo V, Viale 25 Luglio 73100 Lecce, at the booth of “Le Donne del Vino”.

Download the booth map.