terre del primitivo

Important mention in Japan about the land of Primitivo.

Papale Linea Oro-Primitivo di Manduria DOP reviewed on the first page of the renowned Japanese magazine “Vinotheque”.

From the land of Primitivo di Manduria, in Puglia, Papale Linea Oro by our Varvaglione 1921 winery has been mentioned on the first page of the famous Japanese magazine “Vinotheque”, by the expert sommelier Shinya Tasaki.

Papale Linea Oro-Primitivo di Manduria DOP scored 18/20 and has been selected among the winning wines of the blind tasting” for the magazine “Vinotheque”.

Furthermore, it was also published on the first page after resulting as the best representative of the production area of its vine variety.

Focus: More about “Vinotheque”.  

Vinotheque” is a magazine aimed at satisfying the requests of all wine and sake lovers, including from amateurs to professionals who need to be always updated about the products offered in this sector.

This magazine includes the latest news about international producers, exclusive interviewsin the sector and information for those who decide to visit Japan.

Its founder is Shinya Tasaki, nationally renowned sommelier and creator of the “blind tasting” section, as well as one of the main personalities in the wine field in Japan.

Furthermore, “Vinotheque” distributes more than 10,000 copies per month.