autunno in puglia

Autumn in Puglia: a travel for palates, too

Many people define Autumn in Puglia as the perfect period to travel across this region. How can you disagree? Temperature decreases but climate remains mild, countryside colours vary from yellow to red and orange, vineyards rest after the harvest turning into a captivating picture. No more crowded summer people and eating and drinking well does not require queuing for hours and the air smells of roast chestnuts.
Traditions in Puglia say that chestnuts should be matched with wine. But do you know why? Here is the “mistery” solved, with some good suggestion to avoid mistakes and to taste them in the best possible way. The first rule to know if you want to reproduce Autumn in Puglia on your palate is matching chestnuts precisely with red wine, for the high tannins content. This substance is totally absent in white wines and it reduces the doughiness typical of chestnuts.
Roast chestnuts are traditionally cooked on embers, this is why they get a slightly bitter aftertaste. The wines to match should be young and light, as “12emezzo-Negroamaro del Salento”.
If we want to bring chestnuts on the table you can make gnocchi or fresh pasta with its flour, or you can use them as filling for pork meat or meatloaf made with white or veal meat.
In this case, the wines to match should be more consistent and full-bodied, in order to support the great structure of this food. So, we suggest “Tatu-Primitivo del Tarantino”, with its pleasant aromatic notes and balanced taste, perfect to enhance such dishes.
Try them and let us know if you enjoyed this travel through the taste of Autumn in Puglia. #Tastewine