Varvaglione’s winery was founded on a love story.

This might have been what those who knew Grandpa Angelo and Grandma Filomena were asking themselves. With the experience of their families as their foundation, one Spring day they decided to start a new project together: to build the Varvaglione winery.

Country life was full of walks through the vineyards in summertime, and entire days dedicated to transforming the grapes into wine, working the land they loved. The challenge didn’t scare them; the wine brought them together. That’s how they met: she was the daughter of a wine producer, and he, 10 years her senior, was in the business of selling wine. He had seen her while he was buying wine to sell in his father’s business, and fell in love at first sight. They didn’t say much, that’s how it was in those days. But in a few years they were married, with a big project they had undertaken together: creating the winery that is our present and our future. Perhaps they couldn’t imagine what would come from that dream, but as we all know, love conquers all with its great force even in the face of difficulty.

The Varvaglione story starts here: a story of family, a story of love.