La Christmas Edition 12eMezzo Varvaglione 1921

Marzia Varvaglione: Everyone can create their own Christmas Greeting

A Special Edition designed during lockdown

The 12eMezzo Christmas edition this year is pop, personalized, interactive and absolutely unique.

For Christmas 2020, Varvaglione 1921 has decided to let thoughts speak. How? With a label that everyone can write on, expressing their own thoughts, greetings, messages, to personalize the bottle in a unique way.

«Lockdown left its mark on us in a profound way,” says Marzia Varvaglione, Head of Marketing for the family-run company. “But in the middle of that chaos, we were able to find positive inspiration that influenced our way of thinking about the Christmas holidays and the messages that we wanted to convey. In those days of solitude, we started to really speak with each other again, dedicating a lot of time to relationships, and we found new familiarity with words. We wrote, we sang, we chatted a lot with our loved ones.” From these considerations came the new idea for a Christmas gift that no one can do without. The new label will be a blank page, or better, a real black blackboard to write on. “In the 12eMezzo box, we will even provide a piece of chalk to let the person who is giving the gift, or the person who receives the gift, fill the blank space with a drawing or a phrase. We’ve gone back to a human dimension, and I think it is wonderful. So let’s celebrate Christmas in a thoughtful way.”