linea vini sostenibili

A project of sustainability from the vineyard to the bottle

Restyling of the label for the famous Varvaglione 1921 line

A line of wines that is sustainable.

From the vineyard to the bottle, the 12eMezzo line is the most modern and ecologically-minded project that the family-owned winery Varvaglione 1921 currently offers on the world market. In the vineyard, the use of new monitoring techniques allow for working on the vines only where necessary.

Sustainability is also achieved by using RafCycle recyclable material, as well as by using certified FSC paper, a brand that identifies products from forests that are managed following strict environmental, social and economic controls. Even the cork is a sustainable choice, the Nomacorc Green Line.

The Green Line derives from vegetal polymers extracted from sugarcane, a 100% renewable raw material. The carbon footprint of sugarcane-based products has a low impact on the environment, thus combatting climate change.

The care and attention for the environment translates into the new label restyling, to keep the 12eMezzo line in step with the times. Unique graphics and colors highlight the individual identities of these wines. On each label there are tone-on-tone drawings of the aromas one can expect to find in that bottle.

The 12eMezzo collection is the result of a very appealing project that brought together the University of Udine and Varvaglione 1921, who worked together to come up with wines originating from Puglia native varieties which share one thing: the same alcohol content. 12eMezzo fully reflects the Varvaglione family philosophy while implementing a modern winemaking technique.