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The WineHunter: Varvaglione 1921 among the Top 100 Italian Wines with a Gold Medal

Gold Medal for the Cosimo Varvaglione Private Collection Negroamaro Salento

“Excellence is an attitude” is the The WineHunter philosophy, and Varvaglione 1921 couldn’t agree more. This year for the first time, the Puglia winery has received this prestigious prize for its Cosimo Varvaglione Private Collection Negroamaro. It is an important confirmation of Cosimo Varvaglione’s idea of investing in sustainable agriculture to obtain impeccable, high-quality wine. The owner and winemaker of Varvaglione 1921 decided years ago to give life to a project that would express his creativity: a limited number of bottles that are the fruit of extremely careful selection with the highest quality in mind.

The vines are over 50 years old, the grapes harvested by hand at night after a careful selection. Thus Cosimo Varvaglione put his signature on the bottles of Negroamaro and Primitivo that represent a niche: his interpretation of these native grape varieties that characterize the region of Puglia. These wines offer the opportunity to find in the wineglass the personality of the producer, the elegance and the history of a family that has enhanced and added value to its origins and traditions. Here can be found all of the winemaker’s foresight and know-how, constantly evolving and meeting the future with its challenges and research.

This year, for the first time, The WineHunter led by Helmuth Köcher, has awarded this

prestigious prize to a wine from the Leporano winery. The WineHunter selects the best Italian and international wines, choosing on the basis of evaluations by a good eight commissions including experts from the field, sommeliers and journalists who name the top 100 wines. Several parameters are used that involve visual, smell and tasting criteria, as well as production methods and territorial expression.

“The Cosimo Varvaglione Private Collection is a wine project that is giving us great satisfaction,” comments the owner of Varvaglione 1921, Cosimo Varvaglione. “It is the natural continuation of a winemaking and commercial venture that has seen our wines enter exclusively into the world of restaurants and wine shops, thus marking a very precise decision in terms of quality of the product to be presented to our customers throughout the world.”