Varvaglione’s story represents excellences of Taranto.
It is a story made by determination, tradition, courage, effort and trust in its own means, dreams and gifts from the land.
It is a story made by people, a team of dynamic, motivated and unanimous co-workers, who every day add stimulating details to Varvaglione’s company, inspired by a four-generation-long winemaking tradition.

Today, all this is directed by Cosimo Varvaglione (Mimmo for friends) and we wanted to ask him five simple questions to better know the soul of every single bottle by Varvaglione.

1. What does the sentence “Every man deserves some time for himself. I did it so.” that describes Collezione Privata?

I have always thought that the aim of every man should be leaving a sign during his life and the greatest ambition is managing to do that by cultivating his own passions in the best possible way, making them his own job. This is what I tried to do, cultivating my passion for fine wines by trying to produce them on my own, so letting it become my job, as I believe that job and passion are the same thing. A job without passion cannot exist and vice versa, otherwise it would be a struggle.

2. A curious episode that can be defined as a milestone in what is Varvaglione1921 today.

It happened when I was almost 6 years old and I often heard my father and mother speaking about the new company they were building. One day, I was at school and at that time parents did not use to pick up children from school. So, on the way home I asked a friend of mine to come with me to see the new winery that my father was building, but at a certain point we got lost. Fear spread and all parents started to look for us. When they found us, my mother worriedly asked why I had not gone back home as usual. I replied: “I had to show OUR new winery to my friend”. It was at that time that I understood it would be my passion, my job.

3. How was Cosimo Varvaglione 10 years ago and how he thinks he will be in 10 years.

10 years ago I was undoubtedly younger, but less calm. Today, I imagine my future with more serenity, thanks to the fact that my daughter Marzia has been working with me for some years and I can see my passion in her. The same passion that has not weakened in me and that allows me to go on planning with more calmness. In few time, my son is going to start working with me as he has just concluded studying, whereas my third daughter should finish her Oenology University in some years. So, all this makes me feel confident because if they work with such a great passion, in 10 years I will be surely older but I will look at this company with a lot of pride.

4. Varvaglione’s company in one word and why.

Not only in its dimensions. Great because it gives great emotions, great because it is beautiful, because it inspires me great things, because it represents a great passion come true. Great because it stimulates vitality, energy and ideas.

5. Cosimo Varvaglione’s long-cherished dream, not realized yet.

I have never hidden my passion for motors, so without any doubts it is driving Formula 1.