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International guests of MSC Cruises awarded Varvaglione 1921

Papale Oro Primitivo di Manduria and 12eMezzo Rosé from Negroamaro, awarded by Gambero Rosso

The wine world changes and develops. The places in the stories vary and the ranges of winelovers expand. Then, it may happen to carry Puglia around, on one of the most impressive cruise ships of the Italian fleet. Here, almost six thousand people – whose 40% coming from Asian countries – had the chance to taste wines, including the ones by the winery Varvaglione 1921 from Taranto.

Tasting and shopping; destinations open to the Mediterranean taste, on the background of the meeting between MSC Cruises guests and winemakers; a competition where the passengers of the “Meraviglia” cruise ship were invited to choose their favorite wine.

A competition where the Primitivo di Manduria Papale Oro and the Rosè from Negroamaro grapes 12eMezzo were highly appreciated, among the wines represented by twenty wineries from all over Italy.

«Such a great result rewards us, especially because these two wines perfectly tell about the philosophy of our company – said Marzia Varvaglione, Marketing Manager for Varvaglione 1921. Papale Oro, our flagship Primitivo di Manduria, is the symbol of our story and of the origins of my family. 12eMezzo Rosé is innovation, as it combines high quality and a smart choice to tell about one of our main native varieties, Negroamaro».

These two products are already widely appreciated by international markets and today they have been further awarded by vacationers, as well as certified by the renowned brand of Gambero Rosso International.