Primitivo di Manduria RISERVA

1921 Primitivo di Manduria RISERVA DOP

Varvaglione’s family has planned the coming of the new and promising wine ‘1921 – Primitivo di Manduria RISERVA DOP’ for long and, with respect to the tradition, they have named it after a strong bond to the family.

In the Apulian winery Varvaglione Vigne & Vini the strong bond linking family traditions, the wines produced and the land originating them is kept by every single detail, including the name of each label.

primitivo di manduria

In fact, the origin of both the name and the symbol shown on each label has a meaning bonded to either the territory or the family.

As it is the first Primitivo di Manduria RISERVA DOP produced by this Salentine winery, its name tells the family story. In particular, 1921 was a special year characterized by two events that deserve to be remembered decades later through a wine with distinctive features, which is able to remind that year for long more.

In 1921, Cosimo Varvaglione – grandfather of the current company Director – started producing wines, originating the family wine-producing tradition. The same year saw a new birth in this family: it was Angelo, forefather’s son and owner of the family wine-making tradition during the second generation. Today, the third generation of this long and beloved tradition is going on with Cosimo Varvaglione’s family.

Also, the choice of one of the first bikes ever created, as symbol on the label, has been made for a reason. In fact, that bike is an ancient object, both guardian of old traditions and capable to lead us forward through the time. The reason why it has become the symbol of this RISERVA is just related to this important meaning held by such a small object. It is the perfect combination between the tradition linked to the label story and the innovation linked to the style of this outstanding wine.