Varvaglione 1921 ranked in the top 100 wineries in Italy by Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera Economia

It is the biggest family-run winery in Puglia to find itself in the super ranking published in the Economy pages of the national daily paper. Journalist Anna Di Martino’s report showcases the leading Italian wineries whose turnover has grown over the last year, marking a positive trend, and underscores their financial solidity. From the vineyard to the wine cellar to marketing and sales, the work performed by the Varvaglione team has earned a remarkable result, thanks to a careful interpretation of the market and producing wines that have met and surpassed the challenges. “It is a great joy to be able to celebrated this success,” commented Marzia Varvaglione, head of Marketing for the family that has been making wine for almost one hundred years in the area of Primitivo di Manduria. “It is the fruit of a common and enthusiastic labor – team work that has been coordinated by my father Cosimo, who is the guiding light of the company. Yes, it is family-run but at the same time, thanks to his meticulous attention, it has become a big company.”
A winery that can toast to its success with significant and noteworthy numbers: 150 hectares of vineyards owned by the family and another 150 that are rented, supervised personally by Cosimo and Angelo Varvaglione, who select the grapes and follow the fruit through its agricultural life. Over 4 million bottles sold throughout the world, exclusively in the market of quality food & wine. “It is not an easy choice,” Marzia Varvaglione explains. “But we are convinced of our choices and determined when pursuing our goals. Our portfolio is the result of a conscious awareness to answer the market demands of wine-lovers.”

Taranto, 23 luglio 2019