Arrivano i Tre Bicchieri del Gambero Rosso per Il Negroamaro della Collezione Privata di Varvaglione 1921

Once again, the Gambero Rosso guide recognizes a Cosimo Varvaglione signature wine.

The Negroamaro Private Collection Old Vines 2019 received the Tre Bicchieri again this year. In its latest edition, the most famous Italian guide has given its highest award to only 21 wineries from Puglia.

It’s a gratification that comes right on the heels of those from Vinibuoni d’Italia and Mundus Vini” comments Marzia Varvaglione, head of Marketing for the family-run company. “There’s great satisfaction finding ourselves in such an important context, chosen by tasters who are able to taste wines from all over the world. For a few years now they have recognized the wine that bears my father’s signature, for its quality and how representative of our area it is.” The Cosimo Varvaglione Private Collection is part of the Family Collection that the owner and winemaker created to celebrate the personalities and characteristics of each member of the Varvaglione family.

With the Tre Bicchieri awarded the Negroamaro Private Collection Old Vines 2019, another important success arrives on the shores of the Ionian Sea, to celebrate the outstanding quality of Varvaglione 1921 wines. The prize underscores the good work of the company, which is celebrating its centennial in 2021. It is work that is founded on the high quality, skill and passion of the man leading a team that has reached international importance.

Satisfied but also deeply touched, Cosimo Varvaglione welcomed the news of this special recognition with pride, especially because the prize arrives at the end of a complex period that overwhelmed the world of wine and not only. But also because the Private Collection is a reflection of his philosophy of wine. As it says on the label: “Every man has the right to dedicate some time to himself… I did it like this.” It is also his wish for all those who decide to give themselves a little time with this precious bottle, a symbol of high quality Puglia-style.