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Varvaglione 1921 at “Il Buono nel Bello” – I Migliori Vini Italiani, Salone delle Fontane, Rome 16th-19th February 2017

“I Migliori Vini Italiani 2017”, (the 2017 Best Italian Wines) is an exciting event that took place last week in Rome and where Varvaglione 1921 pariticipated for the 98 points awarded to its “Papale Linea Oro-Primitivo di Manduria DOP” wine in the category “Best Red Wine in Italy”.
“I Migliori Vini Italiani” is the name of such a prestigious event in the wine field led and created by Luca Maroni at “Il Salone delle Fontane” in the Eur area of Rome, considered to be the core business in the capital.
During that night, the wines published on the guide “I Migliori Vini Italiani 2017” were awarded, including our “Papale Linea Oro-Primitivo di Manduria DOP”.
The recognition for the 98 points awarded to our Primitivo di Manduria DOP was collected by Ms Marzia Varvaglione, who reaffirmed that Papale Linea Oro is a wine that represents Puglia as a Primitivo di Manduria DOP, as well as the best expression of this land.