Mother’s Day: Varvaglione pops the cork on Primadonna to celebrate mothers everywhere

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Mother’s Day, celebrated this year on May 9th, is a holiday focusing on mothers and their commitment to peace. A moment to reflect as much as it is a family holiday.

“We honor mothers every day,” explains Marzia Varvaglione. “Love and respect for the role of mothers was something we learned as children; it is a fundamental value in our family. We recognize the important role women play at work and in their family sphere; and we have an excellent example before us every day. That’s why we are highlighting the label dedicated to the mother of our company, to my mother, on this very day that celebrates mothers all over the world.”

For Varvaglione 1921, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to focus on Primadonna, a Chardonnay that does time in barrique. This wine was created as Cosimo Varvaglione’s token of love dedicated to his wife Maria Teresa, and is part of the Family Collection. In this year, the winery’s 100th anniversary, there has also been an important restyling of the label.

The portrait of a woman, hair blowing in the wind, a golden sun, the essence of the Mediterranean, of Southern Italy, and the earth tones remind us how this winery pairs family values to an international vision. The label dedicated to Maria Teresa – woman, mother and soul of this land – completes the line that Varvaglione 1921 dedicates to family: the Family Collection.

Primadonna is 100% Chardonnay, an elegant and balanced white wine that spends some time in barrique, with a freshness that prepares the palate for a long, pleasant finish.

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