Varvaglione 1921 at the 2016 “Anteprima Vitignoitalia”

The next edition of Vitignoitalia – the exhibition of Italian wines and wine lands – is being hosted in Castel dell’Ovo in Naples. It is a great business opportunity for wine operators, as well as a great tasting event for lovers of Italian wine.

While waiting for the next meeting in May, wine passionates can enjoy an extraordinary 2016 Anteprima di Vitignoitalia (a preview of Vitignoitalia), that is taking place at the elegant Salone degli Specchi in the Excelsior Grand Hotel in Naples, on 29th November 2016.

A variety of wineries will let taste their wines to tell about quality wines of Italy, as well as to let winelovers travel around perfumes and tastes of the best in the national wine production, from Trentino in the North to Puglia in the South, with the Salentine winery Varvaglione 1921.

It is a real travel in the wine world, to which Varvaglione 1921 are inviting all of you.