Wine Enthusiast is both a well-known American magazine and a detailed online system mainly dedicated to the world of wine and spirits, highly esteemed all over the world.

It is an important reference point for international wine lovers which, through a multichannel service, introduces wines and liquors coming from all the world.

Expert editors of this magazine, including Adam Strum, Susan Kostrzewa, Joe Czerwinski and Roger Voss, collaborate with the highest level tasting panel, made of the best international wine critics that every year select new wines.

For that purpose, the scores rated by the experts after each wine tasting are out of hundred. In particular, the scale is the following:

* 98-100 points: Classic
* 94-97 points: Superb
* 90-93 points: Excellent
* 87-89 points: Very Good
* 83-86 points: Good
* 80-82 points: Acceptable

– “Papale-Primitivo di Manduria DOP” 2012: 91 punti
– “Papale Linea Oro-Primitivo di Manduria DOP” 2012: 89 punti
– “12 e mezzo-Primitivo del Salento IGP” 2013: 86 punti
– “Il Cardinale Linea Oro-Primitivo di Manduria DOP” 2012: 86 punti

– “Passione-Primitivo del Salento IGP” 2008: 88 punti
– “Chicca-Primitivo di Manduria DOCG Dolce Naturale” 2007: 88 punti
– “Papale-Primitivo di Manduria DOP” 2008: 87 punti
– “Schiaccianoci-Negroamaro del Salento IGP” 2008: 87 punti
– “Tatu-Primitivo del Tarantino IGP” 2008: 86 punti
– “Moi-Verdeca del Salento IGP” 2010: 86 punti