Negroamaro del Salento

The fresh taste of “12 e Mezzo-Negroamaro del Salento IGP Limited Edition” matches the typical Apulian dishes. The menu is served.

Varvaglione Vigne & Vini – winery since 1921 – wishes to involve all of you in an excellent wine and food matching, between the delicate taste of “12 e Mezzo-Negroamaro del Salento IGP Limited Edition” and a refined and typical Apulian menu, made of a starter, a first course and a dessert.

Historically, Negroamaro is one of the most popular red wines in Apulia, especially in Salento. Both its intriguing smell and its fruity and delicate flavour make this intense red wine with purple hints particularly appreciated by female palates, easy to match and suitable for all occasions.

A mixture of elements makes it pleasant. In fact, “12 e Mezzo-Negroamaro del Salento IGP Limited Edition is a full-bodied wine – as all typical Apulian red wines – and thanks to its only 12,5% alcohol, it is a wine perfect to match with light and delicate dishes. This mixture makes it unique and close to wine lovers who prefer elegant flavours, to taste with simple dishes.
There is a variety of matchings, and the exclusive and interesting combination between “12 e Mezzo Negroamaro del Salento IGP” and the following menu – made of three typical Apulian dishes – is the one we suggest.

We advise Burratine with Aubergine Caponata and Tomatoes as a starter. Its preparation is very easy and its simple ingredients are fresh Apulian burratine, aubergines, red onion, green tomatoes, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

The main course of this menu is based on Turnip Tops. Its ingredients are Apulian whole-wheat orecchiette, turnip tops, garlic, filleted salt-cured anchovies, breadcrumbs, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.
Furthermore, we suggest an excellent Fancy Ice Cream dessert. Its ingredients are vanilla ice cream, peanuts and fresh mixed berries, either fresh or in syrup.

Voilà, the menu is served.

Enjoy your meal, by Varvaglione Vigne & Vini