Summer 2018 with “Varvaglione on the beach”

This year on Puglia’s beaches the keyword is Varvaglione… on the beach!  This is initiative the winery

 from Leporano sponsored, 

bringing its 12 e mezzo line of wines to the most beautiful beaches of Puglia’s Adriatic and Ionian coasts. Six events garnered great success. Warm fashion-filled Sundays made even more stylish by our black and white bottles, served to the many sun worshippers crowding the beaches. The 12 e mezzo cars delivered wine glasses of Malvasia Bianca and 12 e mezza rosé in this paradise of a setting, with the event’s promoters on board! Gadgets included t-shirts, caps, pencils, and fashionable Varvaglione shopping bags.

A beautiful experience bringing together the best of Puglia’s beaches and our wines.