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primitivo del salento

The new light and pleasant way to drink the “12 e Mezzo Primitivo del Salento Limited Edition” wine, joins the typical Apulian cooking. The menu is served

With this article, Varvaglione Vigne & Vini continues guiding through the wine and food itinerary about matchings with the Mediterranean cooking, introducing its Primitivo del Salento, a red wine originating in the north of Salento. Its name “primitivo” – early – is linked to its early biological life cycle.

Malvasia del Salento

The young, aromatic and fresh flavour of the “12 e Mezzo Malvasia del Salento IGP Limited Edition” wine meets the Mediterranean cooking. The summer menu is served

Varvaglione Vigne & Vini is happy to continue giving suggestions through wine and food itineraries to enhance the taste of dishes, by matching them with the right wine at the proper serving temperature. In summer, it is natural to present the Malvasia del Salento, a local fresh and lively white wine of Salento.