Italian Wine

The 2016 Italian Wine Week with Varvaglione Vigne e Vini

Within the operations aimed at spreading the Italian wine all over the international markets, the renowned Salentine winery Varvaglione Vigne e Vini is pleased to announce that on 7th-10th February 2016 is participating at the 5th edition of the Italian Wine Week 2016 – VINO 2016 in New York, a well-known event for several years now.

The 2016 Berebene by Gambero Rosso: the Oscar goes to the “12 e mezzo-Malvasia del Salento IGP”, by Varvaglione Vigne e Vini

The “2016 Berebene”, the renowned Guide by Gambero Rosso, has been selecting the best Italian wines for their quality/price ratio and it has always awarded the best references from each Italian region. In particular, the 2016 Berebene Guide has given the quality-price award to the Salentine winery Varvaglione Vigne e Vini for one of its best wines: 12 e mezzo Malvasia